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Academic Programs


Our primary educational purpose is to provide high quality technical certificate of credit, technical diploma, and associate of applied science degree programs that meet the needs of area students, employers, and economic developers. These technical programs and courses are offered using up-to-date instruction, industrial-standard equipment, and work-based learning. Instruction is offered on-site as well as through web-enabled distance-education delivery.

  All Programs
Accounting Degree (CIP: 520302) Fire Officer II Certificate (CIP: 430201)
Accounting Diploma (CIP: 520302) Fire Science Technology Degree (CIP: 430202)
Advanced CAD Technician Certificate (CIP: 151302) Fire Science Technology Diploma (CIP: 430203)
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Certificate (CIP: 510904) Firefighter/EMSP Diploma (CIP: 430203)
Advanced Fire Administration Certificate (CIP: 430202) Food Production Worker I Certificate (CIP: 120505)
Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welder Certificate (CIP: 480508) Garden Center Technician Certificate (CIP: 010606)
Advertising Layout Specialist Certificate (CIP: 500401) Gas Metal Arc Welder Certificate (CIP: 480508)
Air Conditioning Technology Diploma (CIP: 470201) Gas Tungsten Arc Welder Certificate (CIP: 480508)
Applied Technical Management Degree (CIP: 520201) Geriatric Care Assistant Certificate (CIP: )
Architectural Systems Drafter Certificate (CIP: 151303) Graphic Design & Prepress Certificate (CIP: 500409)
Automotive Chassis Technician Specialist Certificate (CIP: 470604) Hair Designer Certificate (CIP: 120401)
Automotive Climate Control Technician Certificate (CIP: 470604) Health Information Management Technology Degree (CIP: 510707)
Automotive Collision Repair Diploma (CIP: 470603) Health Information Technology Specialist Certificate (CIP: 510707)
Automotive Collision Repair Assistant I Certificate (CIP: 470603) Healthcare Assistant Certificate (CIP: 510899)
Automotive Collision Repair Assistant II Certificate (CIP: 470603) Healthcare Science Certificate (CIP: 510000)
Automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems Technician Certificate (CIP: 470604) Horticulture Degree (CIP: 010601)
Automotive Engine Performance Technician Certificate (CIP: 470604) Horticulture Diploma (CIP: 010601)
Automotive Engine Repair Technician Certificate (CIP: 470604) Industrial Electrician Certificate (CIP: 470303)
Automotive Refinishing Assistant I Certificate (CIP: 470603) Industrial Fluid Power Technician Certificate (CIP: 470303)
Automotive Refinishing Assistant II Certificate (CIP: 470603) Industrial Mechanical Systems Diploma (CIP: 470303)
Automotive Technology Degree (CIP: 470604) Industrial Motor Control Technician Certificate (CIP: 470303)
Automotive Technology Diploma (CIP: 470604) Industrial Systems Technology Diploma (CIP: 470303)
Automotive Transmission/Transaxle Tech Specialist Certificate (CIP: 470604) Industrial Systems Technology Degree (CIP: 470303)
Baking and Pastry Specialist Certificate (CIP: 120501) Infant and Toddler Child Care Specialist Certificate (CIP: 190709)
Basic Fire Company Officer Certificate (CIP: 430203) Interdisciplinary Studies Degree (CIP: )
Basic Metal Fabricator Certificate (CIP: 480508) Interior Design Assistant Certificate (CIP: 500408)
Basic Residential Air Conditioning System Design Certificate (CIP: 470201) Interior Window Treatments Certificate (CIP: 500408)
Basic Residential Gas Heat Design Certificate (CIP: 470201) Interiors Diploma (CIP: 500408)
Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder Certificate (CIP: 480508) Interiors Degree (CIP: 500408)
Bilingual Customer Service Specialist Certificate (CIP: 520101) Internet Specialist - Web Site Design Diploma (CIP: 110801)
Building Automation Systems Diploma (CIP: 470201) Internet Specialist - Web Site Design Degree (CIP: 110801)
Building Automation Systems Degree (CIP: 470201) Internet Specialist Website Developer Certificate (CIP: 110801)
Business Management Diploma (CIP: 520201) Landscape Design Technician Certificate (CIP: 10605)
Business Management Degree (CIP: 520201) Landscape Specialist Certificate (CIP: 10605)
Business Technology Degree (CIP: 520401) Lathe Operator Certificate (CIP: 480503)
Business Technology Diploma (CIP: 520401) Linux/UNIX System Administrator Certificate (CIP: 111001)
CAD Operator Certificate (CIP: 151302) Machine Tool Technology Degree (CIP: 480503)
Catering Specialist Certificate (CIP: 120504) Machine Tool Technology Diploma (CIP: 480503)
CDA Preparation Certificate (CIP: 190709) Mechatronics Technician Certificate (CIP: 470303)
Child Development Specialist Certificate (CIP: 190709) Mechatronics Technology Diploma (CIP: 470303)
CISCO CCNP Specialist Certificate (CIP: 111001) Mechatronics Technology Degree (CIP: 470303)
CISCO Network Specialist Certificate (CIP: 111001) Medical Assisting Diploma (CIP: 510801)
CNC and Machine Tool Technology Diploma (CIP: 480503) Medical Assisting Degree (CIP: 510801)
CNC Specialist Certificate (CIP: 480503) Medical Front Office Assistant Certificate (CIP: 510710)
CNC Technology Diploma (CIP: 480503) Microsoft Excel Application Professional Certificate (CIP: 110601)
Computer Support Specialist Diploma (CIP: 110301) Microsoft Office Applications Professional Certificate (CIP: 110301)
Computer Support Specialist Degree (CIP: 110301) Mill Operator Certificate (CIP: 480503)
Cosmetology Diploma (CIP: 120401) Motorsports Chassis Technician Certificate (CIP: 470604)
Criminal Justice Specialist Certificate (CIP: 430104) Motorsports Engine Builder Certificate (CIP: 470604)
Criminal Justice Technology Diploma (CIP: 430104) Motorsports Fabrication Technician Certificate (CIP: 470604)
Criminal Justice Technology Degree (CIP: 430104) Motorsports Vehicle Technology Degree (CIP: 470604)
Culinary Arts Degree (CIP: 120503) Motorsports Vehicle Technology Diploma (CIP: 470604)
Culinary Arts Diploma (CIP: 120503) Networking Specialist Degree (CIP: 111001)
Culinary Nutrition Assistant Certificate (CIP: 120505) Networking Specialist Diploma (CIP: 111001)
Dental Assisting Diploma (CIP: 510601) Nurse Aide Certificate (CIP: 513902)
Dental Hygiene Degree (CIP: 510602) Office Accounting Specialist Certificate (CIP: 520302)
Design and Media Production Specialist Certificate (CIP: 500401) Ornamental Iron Fabricator Certificate (CIP: 480508)
Design and Media Production Technology Degree (CIP: 500401) Paramedicine Degree (CIP: 510904)
Design and Media Production Technology Diploma (CIP: 500401) Paramedicine Diploma (CIP: 510904)
Digital Illustration Specialist Certificate (CIP: 500401) Patient Navigator Certificate (CIP: 510799)
Drafters Assistant Certificate (CIP: 151301) PC Repair and Network Technician Certificate (CIP: 470104)
Drafting Technology Diploma (CIP: 151301) Pharmacy Assistant Certificate (CIP: 510805)
Drafting Technology Degree (CIP: 151301) Pharmacy Technology Diploma (CIP: 510805)
Early Childhood Care and Education Diploma (CIP: 131210) Phlebotomy Technician Certificate (CIP: 511009)
Early Childhood Care and Education Degree (CIP: 131210) Physical Therapist Assistant Degree (CIP: 510806)
Early Childhood Care and Education Basics Certificate (CIP: 190709) Practical Nursing Diploma (CIP: 513901)
Early Childhood Program Administration Certificate (CIP: 190708) Prep Cook Certificate (CIP: 120505)
Electrical Control Systems Diploma (CIP: 470303) Process Control Technician I Certificate (CIP: 470303)
Electrical Systems Technology Diploma (CIP: 460302) Process Control Technician II Certificate (CIP: 470303)
Electrical Utility Technician Certificate (CIP: 460301) Programmable Control Technician I Certificate (CIP: 470303)
Electrical Utility Technology Diploma (CIP: 460301) Radiologic Technology Degree (CIP: 510911)
Electrical Utility Technology Degree (CIP: 460301) Residential Care Technician Diploma (CIP: )
Emergency Management Diploma (CIP: 430302) Residential Wiring Technician Certificate (CIP: 460302)
Emergency Management Degree (CIP: 430302) Robotic Technician Certificate (CIP: 470303)
Emergency Medical Technician Certificate (CIP: 510904) Shampoo Technician Certificate (CIP: 120401)
EMS Professions Diploma (CIP: 510904) Supervisor/Management Specialist Certificate (CIP: 520201)
Engineering Technology Degree (CIP: 159999) Surgical Technology Diploma (CIP: 510909)
Esthetician Certificate (CIP: 120409) Surgical Technology Degree (CIP: 510909)
Fire Fighter I Certificate (CIP: 430203) Sustainable Urban Agriculture Technician Certificate (CIP: 10601)
Fire Fighter II Certificate (CIP: 430203) Technical Specialist Certificate (CIP: 231303)
Fire Officer I Certificate (CIP: 430203) Welding and Joining Technology Diploma (CIP: 480508)
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