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Leadership Academy Course Descriptions

Supervisory/Leadership Skills - This introductory class covers basic skills for supervisors/ leaders such as communication, listening, objectivity, and self-management. It also discusses the transition from worker to supervisor, how to make the transition and how to manage friends you now supervise.

can communication

Communication Skills - This class discusses both verbal and nonverbal communication skills and clearly defines communication in the workplace. It refines your skills on how to put it all together for successful communication in the workplace. It also talks about attitudes and how they relate to communications.

Motivation and Coaching - Motivation fundamentals, what motivates and what demotivates people will be the focus of this class. The class reveals strategies and tactics to get people motivated. An understanding of coaching, and giving positive and constructive feedback is included.

Delegation and Teamwork - This session defines delegation, discusses empowerment and how to be available, but not in the way. It also defines team, teamwork, the stages of team development and team leadership.

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Performance Management - This class discusses the feedback process, how to give constructive feedback, and how to establish accountability. Constructive conflict management, managing differences productively, and how to address conflict are key components of this session.
This program is valid for 6 PDCs for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM.

Management Styles and Goal Setting - Understanding your management style, the definitions of management styles, and personality types will allow you to lead more effectively as you fully understand you and the others around you. The session discusses how to set goals and direction and to get the involvement and buy-in from the whole team.
This program is valid for 6 PDCs for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM.

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Time Management/Problem Solving - Time and priority management are essential to effective leadership. This session discusses time management, how to prioritize, and how to make a plan and stick to it. It also discusses how to deal with change and adapting to change and new situations. This session discusses creative problem solving and effective problem solving models.

Leadership Essentials - How do we stay sharp and effective as a leader? Topics will include how to influence others, understanding risks, rewards and consequences. The importance of attitudes and commitment to the organization will be covered. How to be cool under pressure, communicate effectively, solve problems and put all your tools and resources together are essential to becoming an effective leader.
This program is valid for 6 PDCs for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM.

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