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Withdrawing From Courses

A student who withdraws from a course prior to the first day of the semester or during the three day drop period may be due a refund of tuition (see Refund Policy). Students on financial aid should be aware that a drop or withdrawal after the three day drop period may affect their financial aid.

Through the 60% date of the semester, a student may withdraw from a course online via Banner Web at

A student dropping a course after the third instructional day of the semester, but by the 60% date of the semester, will receive a grade of "W." Note: An instructional day is based on the academic calendar, not a student's individual schedule.

Students who wish to withdraw after the 60% point of the term (including parts of term) must email the instructor of each course. The email must be sent from the student's LTC student email account prior to the last day of class and must include:

  • the student's full name
  • the student's LTC ID number
  • the Course Reference Number (CRN)

The instructor will then forward the student's email request to the Registrar's Office and will add:

  • last date of participation/attendance/work submission
  • whether the student was passing or failing at that time

A student who drops a course after the 60% date will be assigned a "WP" or "WF."

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