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Learning Support

Learning Support
What is Learning Support?
Learning support courses are designed to prepare students to be successful when they enter their regular core and occupational classes. Learning Support courses are offered for Writing, Reading, and Math. Learning Support admission is granted to students who do not meet regular admission requirements based on placement tests scores. Students classified in this category are required to enroll in learning support classes that are designed to assist students in improving basic writing, reading, and mathematics skills.

Do I need LS classes?
The requirement of LS classes is determined by scores from the Compass test, ASSET test, ACT, or SAT. (All tests must be taken within the past five years.) You can retake the test for a $15 fee. (Applicants for admission must wait 14 days before retesting; students already enrolled in Learning Support must wait 30 days.) See the LTC Learning Support Procedure.

Your acceptance letter will say your admission status is “provisional acceptance” if you are required to take LS classes and your advisor can help you schedule them.

When should I take LS classes?
It is important and helpful to take LS courses early in your academic plan. We recommend you schedule all Learning Support classes in your first and second semester. The LS classes are a prerequisite for some college-level courses and will prepare you for success in all your program coursework.

What is the format for these classes?
Lanier Tech’s Learning Support classes are self-paced computer-based instruction. You will work independently to complete instructional modules covering specific topics. If you have trouble with the content of a module, your instructor will provide individualized help with the topic, and out-of-class tutoring is available for additional help. While coursework can be completed online, all LS courses require on-campus attendance.

What courses are offered?
LS courses are offered in three discipline areas: Mathematics, English, and Reading. The course offerings are MATH 0090, ENG 0090, and READ 0090.

Does financial aid cover LS classes?
Yes. Financial aid will pay for each LS course up to three times.

Is tutoring available?
Yes. Check with your instructor for times and availability.

How do I exit LS?
To exit LS English, the course must be passed with an A, B, or C and pass a writing sample at the diploma or degree level.

To exit LS reading, the course must be passed with an A, B, or C on a diploma or degree reading skills final exam.

To exit LS math, students enrolled in a diploma program that requires MATH 1012 must complete math modules 1 – 6, students enrolled in a diploma program that requires MATH 1013 must complete math modules 1 – 12.

Students in degree programs who will take MATH 1100 need to complete math modules 1 – 12. If you plan to transfer to a Bachelor’s degree program, you should take MATH 1101 or MATH 1111, and will need to complete modules 1 – 15 and pass the COMPASS test with a score of 37 or greater.

All students in Learning Support math will take the cumulative test after module 6. All required math LS courses must be completed within one calendar year from the date when you begin work on the modules.

It is important to be aware that if you do not complete the required LS modules, you will need to re-enroll the following term and continue from the modules you have completed.

Note that LS courses do not count toward GPA or degree credit. They do count towards Financial Aid/Hope, and they appear on transcripts.

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