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Automotive Technology
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the courses basic or more advanced level
It is a fine mixture of both. Intro courses are basic, they must be in order to be relative to the entire audience. No two people come into the program at the same level of understanding. Therefore, we start with a basic foundation and delve deeper into more complicated issues as the course progresses.

Do I have to purchase tools while in the program?
    Students are strongly encouraged to do so during their stay here at Lanier Tech for two reasons. One, you must have tools in order to work in the automotive field and to be marketable to an employer seeking to hire you. Two, students are eligible for a hefty discount, sometimes up to 50%, from all the top tool manufacturers while in attendance.

Can I become a certified technician after I complete the program?
    This program will serve as a preparation to certification testing. Certification tests are administered independently and you must have two years of field related work experience before you can become eligible for certification. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge necessary to successfully complete these tests when you are ready to take them.

While attending class can I work on my own vehicle?
Yes, if the job you intend to perform is relative to the subject area being studied, you can fill out the necessary form(s) to use your vehicle as a live project. It is however at the instructor's discretion.

What is the average income of an Automotive Technician?
After certification has been achieved, an annual income of 40 to 60 thousand dollars per year can be achieved. Most automotive techs are paid on commission so your income greatly depends on your ability. It is imperative that you get proper technical training, that's where we come in!

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Program Instructors [+]

  Kenneth Johnson  
  Automotive Technology Instructor
  Dawson Campus
  Phone: (678) 513-5209

  David McMurry  
  Automotive Technology Instructor
  Barrow Campus
  Phone: (770) 297-4521

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