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Adult Education


Frequently Asked Questions - ESL
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How much do classes cost? [+]

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They are free; however, we do have attendance requirements.

Is registration necessary to begin classes? [+]

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Yes. We have quarterly registration. Please call the center you are interested in attending for those dates and times.

What happens at registration? [+]

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You will complete an intake form containing your personal information such as name, address, and telephone number along with an emergency contact. Then, you will take an assessment which will help us put you at the correct level of study.

How long does registration take? [+]

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About two hours depending upon how busy we are.

Can I study for the assessment? [+]

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No. It isn't necessary.

Do you have daycare for registration or classes? [+]

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No. Check with your local churches or special programs in your county such as Headstart.

What is the class schedule? [+]

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Schedules vary by centers. We have day and night programs. Some classes meet twice a week while others meet four times a week. Most classes meet three hours per class time.

Is there an attendance requirement? [+]

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Yes. Check with the center you are interested in attending.

Will I receive a certificate when I am finished? [+]

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You will receive a certificate when you have completed and met all requirements including attendance for that level. These are center certificates, not Lanier Tech certificates.

What level do you offer? [+]

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We have six levels of study: Advanced, Intermediate 2, Intermediate 1, Beginning 3, Beginning 2, and Beginning 1.

What skills will I be practicing? [+]

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You will practice speaking, listening, reading, writing, and vocabulary development.

Can I study outside of my class time? [+]

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Check with your center. Some offer individual instruction in a computer lab. We have some excellent study programs for all levels.

How old do you have to be? [+]

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You must be 16 years of age or older. If you are sixteen or seventeen, we recommend that you study at a public high school which will provide you with more opportunities to practice and study with your peers. If that is not possible, you may attend our centers with permission from your parents or guardian.

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