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Microsoft Office Suite Training Outlines

Computer Workshops Course Descriptions

Excel Introduction
  • Create, edit, and format worksheets
  • Navigate worksheets
  • Create and copy formulas and functions
  • Create and modify charts
  • Work with Borders and Shading and Styles and Themes
  • Understand relative, absolute, and mixed references
  • Use alignment, indent, and text control options
  • Share workbooks
  • Workbook properties and Templates
Excel Intermediate
  • Organize worksheets and create hyperlinks
  • Customize the Excel ribbon
  • Create headers and footers
  • Adjust page setup, print area, and print titles
  • Freeze and unfreeze rows and columns
  • Sort worksheet data
  • Create Tables and AutoFilter
  • Link cells and insert 3-D references
  • Use Conditional Formatting and Name Cells/Ranges
  • Set up Data Validation rules and lists
  • Transpose data
  • Consolidate data
  • Add subtotals
  • Create custom number formats
  • Insert and manipulate graphics and SmartArt
  • Add trendlines to charts and use chart templates
  • Use Sparklines and Quick Analysis features
  • Add Permissions and Collaboration features
  • Insert Comments
  • Track Changes and Merge Workbooks
  • Perform data analysis with PivotTables and PivotCharts
Excel Advanced
  • Use Logical functions (IF, nested IF, SUMIF)
  • Enter Array formulas and functions
  • Use Date and Time functions
  • Manipulate text with functions
  • Data filters for sorting
  • Analyze data using VLookup, MATCH, INDEX
  • Protect and audit workbooks
  • Merge and link workbooks
  • Perform What-if analysis with Goal Seek and Scenarios
  • Record and run Macros
  • Create Forms
  • Import and export data
PowerPoint Introduction
  • Create a presentation
  • Add visuals to slides: clipart, shapes, and tables
  • Use slides and color schemes
  • Create a slideshow to finalize presentation
PowerPoint Intermediate
  • Use Masters and Templates
  • Work with WordArt
  • Work with Graphics
  • Apply animation features
  • Create notes, handouts, and speaker notes
  • Design presentations for the web
PowerPoint Advanced
  • Connect multiple presentations
  • Broadcast a presentation over the Internet
  • Combine presentations
  • Package a presentation
  • Burn a presentation to a CD
  • Save and open presentations in nonnative file formats
  • Integrate the use of PowerPoint with Excel, Word, and Outlook
Word Introduction
  • Create, edit, save and print documents
  • Apply character effects and numbers
  • Use Microsoft’s wizards and templates
  • Change the layout of a document
  • Create graphics
  • Use Word’s editing tools
Word Intermediate
  • Work with tabs and automatic page numbers
  • Work with columns, sections, and bullets
  • Enhance text appearance with WordArt and graphics
  • Prepare a document for the Web
  • Working with tables
  • Work with headers, footers, and page setup
  • Prepare labels and envelopes
Word Advanced
  • Create a table of contents and index
  • Use Master documents
  • Use footnotes, endnotes, and cross-references
  • Perform mail merge
  • Apply formatting to paragraphs, headers, footers, and columns
  • Create a macro
  • Use charts, tables, and forms
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